About Jane Lushka


When people hear of Jane Lushka for the very first time, they usually assume it is the designer’s name. It is not. It is a family business: Jane and Lushka Iskroff are sisters.

Jane designs, Lushka facilitates: together, they are a strong combination of unbridled creativity and a keen business sense. These siblings gradually expanded their fashion business, starting from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to selling their designs in more than five countries. The secret of their success is no secret at all: hard work and an in-depth awareness of what women really need in this ever-changing society. 

Our designs show a mix of our warm, Mediterranean and feminine personality, and a belief in sustainable and fair products.


Jane Lushka, never hold back

Jane Lushka doesn’t have a complex story or strategy, it is a mindset. Because of our curiosity and ambition, we started Jane Lushka.

We are always looking for new ventures. Our drive and determination are boundless. We do not spend hours on meetings. We are intuitive doers: we feel, we investigate and we go for it. Looking beyond the ordinary and daring to think outside the box that society imposes on us: this matters to us most.

This is how we see a woman who chooses our collection: we want her to feel as confident as possible in our clothing. We want her to choose her outfit based on her state of mind and thereby show her personality. Because she matters to us.


Our values, mission, vision and ambitions


- We want to inspire & empower women with our products.

- We want to feel real and relevant to our consumers.

- We want to help show women at their best, make them feel special and confident.

- We want to show a positive attitude towards life.

- We want to do it together.


We do what we say. We are who we say. We listen to ourselves, to those we work with, and to our customers. It is an open conversation and always an invitation to improve ourselves.


We do things for the love of it. We believe that without passion life makes no sense. We work our arses off for things we believe in: feel good, shine, make yourself and others happy.

WE FEEL LOVE. It is as simple as that. Because we want quality in every part of our lives.


We ask questions. How? Who? Why? We trust our gut feelings and emotions. And we just go for it. We explore, we listen, we adjust, we innovate. We are flexible. We push things forward. We want to make a difference and we know how. We believe that together you are stronger.


"We are all ages, we are all races, we are JL"

Always comfortable, forever iconic.


Our goals for the future

We will enhance our internal processes and supply-chain to make room for multiple collections per year and, thus, create constant sales dynamics. At the same time, we further develop our sustainable process. We will become and remain the European leader in affordable, up to date fashion. And then, we will expand JANE LUSHKA globally.


- We want to be a successful and empowering fashion brand succeeding worldwide.

- We want to contribute to a healthier and more equal society and environment.

- We want to produce 20% of the entire collection from 100% recycled materials within 2 years.